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Dr. Jack Shepard asks,
“ Why was the Targeted Assassination of Iain Hook a top British UN official by the Israeli Defense Force covered up by prime Minister Tony Blair?”

Excerpts published in the Syria Times political section on June 30, 2003
by Dr. Jack Shepard.

Over six months ago Prime Minister Tony Blair; knew all the facts that an Israeli Army Sniper was ordered to trap and later in the day assassinate Iain Hook, a former paratrooper from Felixstowe who was employed by crown Agents and paid for by the British Department for International Development to head the UN project to reconstruct the Jenin Refugee Camp as a warning to the Secretary General Kofi Annan.

Well aware of the facts that many other UN staff members both International and Palestinian alike have been verbally abused, stripped, beaten, shot at and killed by Israeli soldiers; including attacks on UN ambulances, Medical Personnel, UNWRA schools, Health Clinics and Offices have been hit by bombs, rockets, tank shells and gunfire by Israel soldiers endangering the lives of UN staff, This was written in an open letter by the UN International Staff working in the Palestinian Occupied Territories called “OPT: UN Staff call for Justice”

“visit the UNWAR web site”–
especially pages:


Prime Minister Tony Blair continues to cover-up these facts and even remains silent to his knowledge of Intelligence reports convening the planning and later the Assassination of a Fellow British UN Staffer who was trapped for hours in his UN Official Compound before he was shot in the back on Nov. 22, 2002. Because Mr. Hook’s Assassination was of profound importance, Mr. Blair covered-up Mr. Hook’s assassination because it might compromise his propaganda blitz for the urgency of war Iraq and MORE IMPORTANT weaken his position in dealing with the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.

At the time even the Head Rabbi of England said the policies of the Ariel Sharon Government in Israel toward UN staff and the Palestinian people made him feel uncomfortable being a Jew.

According to an article published in the Guardian; Wednesday May 7, 2003 written by Chris Mc Greal from Jerusalem ; No one believed the Israeli story that the sniper thought Iain was holding a gun, said one UN official close to the investigation. This soldier was a trained commando. He had a sights that magnified at least three times and he was only 20 meters (65ft) away. What really concerns us is the lack of an apology or remorse. The message that goes out to every Israeli soldier is that it is OK to kill the UN.

During my 7 month investigation into the murder of Iain Hook I was very fortunate to interview UN staff members that were actually living and working with Iain Hook up until his assassination and conducted several telephone interviews with Paul Mc Cann; the UNWRA spokesperson concerned with the Palestinian occupied territories.

I was told while some members of the UN staff were in Rome, Italy; Iain Hook one night after dinner at their hotel expressed to his UN staff members that he was very concerned for his and their safety after a very hostile man on a motorcycle drove up to him (Iain Hook), several weeks before his murder saying to him that; “We want you to send a message to that Fucking Nigger; Kofi Annan and you will know when we send it.”

This confirms that Iain Hook’s murder was no accident but a well planned assassination organized by the Israeli defense force to send a direct message to the UN. One must assume that this planned assassination included very high level officials in the present Israeli Government of Ariel Sharon because of the extent of the cover-up.

Until Iain Hook’s murderer; the Israeli commando sniper is bought to justice we will not know the extent of the collaboration of Mr. hook’s assassination. Mr. Hook’s Assassination operation included a major Israeli incursion into the Jenin Refugee Camp, surrounding the Jenin UN Office Compound for almost 4 hours; WHY?; blocking of the entrance so Mr. Hook and his staff were literally trapped in their compound, when Paul Wolstenholme and Mr. hook tried to leave their UN Compound through the front entrance a very powerful compression grenade was used to block their exit literally throwing Paul Wolstenholme back several meters and most important after the shooting of Mr. hook, the British UN manger of the UN Office Compound, an emergency ambulance was prevented from reaching Iain Hook by the Israeli defense Force at the front entrance to the UN Compound.

These same UN staff members living and working with Iain hook in the Jenin described the events of Mr. Hook’s murder very clearly to me. From about 9.30 AM in the morning until his assassination approximately 13.30; 2 sharp shooters had taken control of 2 apartments on the top of 2 apartment buildings situated to the right and left of the entrance to the UNWRA compound and for hours laser beams could be seen in the dust; often on Iain Hook’s shoulders. WHY?

It was very obvious to Mr. Hook’s colleagues that the Israeli Army Commando after over 3 hours of watching Iain Hook 54, who was tall with ginger hair, that the sniper using a powerful aiming sight which gave him a very close look at his victim knew that he was assassinating Iain Hook, a British Subject who headed the Jenin reconstruction project.

The spokesperson concerning the Palestinian Occupied territories, when I asked him about the very powerful compression grenade used around 12.00 to block Iain Hook’s and Paul Wolstensolme’s exit from the front entrance of the Jenin UN Compound; he was very surprised that this very important event was not included in Chris Mc Greal’s May 7, 2003– article in the Guardian; “Why was an unarmed Briton shot in the back?”

The Israeli Defense Force used this very powerful compression grenade to literally trap Iain Hook in his UN compound until the Israeli Sniper a well trained Army Commando using his magnified sight shot Iain Hook in the back ( a tactic the Israeli Defense Force has often used in the last years to send a sign as a warning to others– like a signature of assassination ) as he was walking away from the sniper in the direction of the entrance to the UN office compound only a few meters from where Paul Wolstensolme was sitting.

Iain Hook was shot in the back, not by accident but as a warning to other UN staff. Iain’s assassin used one fast-high velocity hard point bullet that entered Iain Hook’s upper right shoulder and exited in two fragments either side of Iain Hook’s belly button to shoot him at approximately 13.30, November 22, 2002.

The Guardian newspaper article written by Chris mc Greal published on May 7, 2003
entitled, “Why was an unarmed Briton shot in the back?" stated that, the day after the Israeli Commando Sniper shot Mr. hook as he stood in the UN Compound in the Jenin Refugee last Nov. 22, 2002. Israel promised Mr. straw a full accounting of the killing. Now Israel says its inquiry has been put aside.

Today Mr. Hook’s colleagues accuse Israel of covering up “ a cold-blooded murder” and the Britain and the United Nations of complicity by quietly trying to bury the truth to avoid a Political Confrontation with Israel. These are the words of 64 United Nation Foreign Staff Members working in the Palestinian Territories used in their signed open letter which blamed the Israeli army for the “cold-blooded– murder” of Mr. Hook, these are not words that my investigation proved. My investigation only confirmed what 64 United Nations Foreign colleagues of Iain Hook said.

Much of the pressure for a full account of Mr. Hook’s death came from other UN Foreign staff members working in the occupied Palestinian territories. These brave 64 UN Foreign staff members working in the occupied Palestinian Territories signed an open Letter which blamed the Israeli Army for Mr. Hook’s death and called for an end to what it described as the Israeli military refusal to respect the most elementary standards of humanity.

The Guardian Newspaper article continued that the United Nations inquiry was carried out by a former member of the United States Naval Intelligence Branch; John Logan. John Logan was quoted by Chris Mc Greal in his Guardian Newspaper article that John Logan stated to him, that he cut short his investigation because he had been threatened; you can contact the archives of the Guardian Newspaper for a copy of Chris Mc Greal’s May 7, 2003 article; “Why was an unarmed Briton shot in the back?”

You can contact the Director General of the UNRWA, by visiting their web site at to get contact emails and telephone numbers to request a copy of the “OPT:UN Staff call for Justice” an open letter posted and signed by 64 UN Foreign Staff. Their open letter includes these statements, “ We strongly request that the Israeli Government will bring those responsible for Iain’s killing to justice. Only the most lawless societies allow gunman in uniform the impunity to kill aid workers without fear of punishment.” Their open letter continues, “ UN staff– international and Palestinian alike– have been verbally abused, stripped, beaten, shot and killed by Israeli soldiers. Tragically Iain Hook was not the first person working with the UN to die at the hands of the IDF this year. In March, Kamal Hamdan was shot and killed while traveling in a clearly marked UNRWA ambulance in the West Bank. In April, Huni Amer died in Israeli military custody in Jenin after, according to witnesses, receiving a brutal beating by the soldiers at the time of his arrest. From its silence, we presume the Israeli authorities have ignored UN requests for an investigation and report of these incidents, and have not seen fit to take any disciplinary action against the soldiers involved. To us, this seems to confirm a pattern of utter contempt on the part of the Israeli army for the lost lives of these men, the safety of UN staff or minimum standards imposed by international law which should protect UN staff and other humanitarian workers. The official military spokesperson’s statement on the initial investigation into Iain’s killing ...contradicts eyewitness accounts of our colleagues in Jenin and information relayed by Iain to the UNRWA Field Office just prior to his death. The most charitable characterization one can make of the Official Israeli Military Spokesperson’s statement is that it lacks any credibility... We strongly request that the Israeli Government will bring those responsible for Iain’s killing promptly to justice. Only the MOST LAWLESS SOCIETIES ALLOW GUNMEN IN UNIFORM THE IMPUNITY TO KILL AID WORKERS WITHOUT FEAR OF PUNISHMENT. In these tragic circumstances, rather than easily uttered regrets, we expect the Israeli Government take the necessary steps to stop the harassment, beating and killing of UN staff. As international staff members, we hope and expect to return alive to our own countries and families after our work here ( in the Palestinian Occupied Territories) is done.”

These words written and sign by 64 UN foreign staff and colleagues of Iain Hook in their open letter, “OPT: UN staff call for justice” are their words not mine. The UN staff working with Iain Hook at the time of his murder only confirm the facts of my investigation that the Murder of Iain Hook was not an accident but a well planned Targeted Assassination by the IDF to send a warning to Secretary General Kofi Annan.

A bellicose former General Sharon has always been a controversial figure, headstrong, volatile and very violent.

You Mr. Tony Blair as Prime Minister by continuing to cover-up the assassination of Iain Hook and not even making public the facts as the UN staff themselves say that, “ UN staff-International and Palestinian alike– have been verbally abused, stripped, beaten, shot at and killed by Israeli Soldiers” only help the Government of Ariel Sharon to continue it’s volatile and violent policies which are THE ROOT CAUSE THAT motivated the Terrorists who attacked the World Trade Center;–on Sept. 11 and continue to terrorize the world.

The War on Terrorism can only be won when we have the States of Israel and Palestinian living side by side in Peace, President Bush’s vision.

The simple truth is it is the policies of Ariel Sharon’s Government that condones that an Israeli Commando Sniper can even Target and Assassinate Iain Hook a UN British Aid Worker, without even a criticism from Prime Minister Tony Blair and the Policies of the Sharon Government that condones the killings and crushing of hundreds, soon thousands of innocent Palestinians men, women, and children has lead to such a feeling of injustice in the Muslim World that out of revenge for this injustice and hopeless caused Ariel Sharon’s very violent Policies toward Palestinians created the environment where terrorists began their call for their Holy War out of desperation.

The continuation of Ariel Sharon’s very violent out of control policies toward the Palestinian civilians impedes World Peace. The World will never have peace unless these policies of Ariel Sharon’s Government targeted assassinations of UN staff and Palestinians people and his indiscriminate murder of Palestinians civilians are exposed and immediately stopped.

Prime Minister Tony Blair continues to cover-up Ariel Sharon’s very violent policies ; and his lack of criticism of the policies of the Ariel Sharon Government, shows his complicity and has caused the world crisis we have today. This complicity makes peace in the Middle East impossible.

Being the history of Tony Blair’s looking the other way concerning the unfair situation and suffering of the Palestinian People; only President George W. Bush is capable to bring peace to the World by his planned recognized of Palestine and Israel living side by side in Peace.

I Thank God; that President George W. Bush was reelected President of the United States. Now President Bush is capable implementing his greater Middle East Policy of Israel and Palestine living side by side in Peace.

President Bush can now demand that The Government of Ariel Sharon immediately change course because it is increasingly evident that the Present Policies of Ariel Sharon’s Government toward the Palestinian People are not supported by the majority of the Israeli citizens and the vast majority ( almost 100%) of the Countries in the World.

The present policies of Ariel Sharon Government have proved to be a vast failure and a very traumatic one which have drawn the world in to almost a Civil War because of his policies of injustice and unfairness in his treatment of the Palestinian people.

Ariel Sharon’s abuses of the Palestinian People and his refusal to discuss the creation of Palestine leaves President George W. Bush no choice but dictate and impose his solution to the Middle East Crisis cause by Ariel Sharon Policies.

The Arab disaffection with the unfair situation started in Palestine and now is spreading through out the world. The World Leaders and President George W. Bush can not wait any longer for the refusal of the Ariel Sharon Government to listen. The incoherence of the policies of the Sharon Government lack clearly defined objectives and is deeply disquieting to majority of Israeli citizens and world leaders.

It is now immediately necessary the systematic use of involuntary imposed pressure on the Ariel Sharon Government to immediate abandon his occupation of the Palestinian Territories and the immediate creation of Palestine, even with a period of 5 years for Palestine and Israel to work out all the details of border etc.

Once the State of Palestine is recognized by the United Nations and is even imposed on Israel and the Israeli Defense Force returns to Israel then and only then will the World be back on the road to Peace. The Policies of the Sharon Government will no longer hold the whole hostage.

Once Palestine is recognized the War on Terrorism will be well on it’s way to being won through Peace because it is impossible to be won through continued violence. The recognition of Palestine will be accepted with such happiness throughout the world that peace will be possible in Iraq very quickly; and our American Coalition forces can very soon be returning home.

President George W. Bush greatest coup, the immediate recognition of Palestine will persuade the Arab World; that American is your friend and partner in Peace. After almost 60 years it has to be accepted that Israeli’s and Palestinians are incapable of talking let allow making Peace.

The recognition of Palestine by the Leaders of the World lead by President Bush has to be imposed on both the Israeli’s and Palestinians. This one act will establish strategic links between the leaders of the Arab world and American. Our American Government, our American People and our American Soldiers will never be held responsible for the policies of Ariel Sharon’s Government ever again. By President Bush leading the Leaders of the World in imposing the recognition of Palestine on Israel; President Bush will create a sound partnership between Israel and Palestine that they have not and will never be able to do by themselves as history has proven.

Complicity makes peace in the Middle East impossible. When UN staff call for justice and protection they are not being anti-Semitic; they just wish to have a Jewish Israeli Government that respects human life where peace is possible. Until the leaders of the world learn from these brave UN staffers who work in the Occupied Territories of Palestine that to criticize the policies of the Government of Ariel Sharon is not to be called anti-Semitic.

It is only to criticize Ariel Sharon because they know that unless Sharon changes his policies, we will never have world peace. There are many other Jewish leaders in Israel who want peace, who are praying for peace. Who would never cover-up or support the out of control Policies of Ariel Sharon’s Government which allows gunmen in uniform the impunity to kill United Nation aid workers like Iain Hook or allow Israeli soldiers to kill Palestinian United Nation Employees like Husni Amer who died in Israeli custody in Jenin after receiving a brutal beating by several Israeli soldiers at the time of his arrest.

The world leaders must learn from the brave UN staffers that criticizing the killing and assassinating of UN aid workers and hundreds of Palestinians is not anti-Semitic but to not criticize this criminal behavior is complicity.

Dr. Jack Shepard is a past American Service Officer and Middle East Specialist. Dr. Shepard has had articles published in both Military and Civilian Newspapers over the past 34 years.


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